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      dArgenson, and Extrait des Registres du Conseil dEtat, 15

      Glaucus, said the young wife, turning pale, I am afraid of this man.He pressed her to his breast, and ere she could prevent it he had snatched a kiss.

      gravel and clay resting on inclined strata of rock, so that

      Montreal.Do you know the dungeons in the cliff? asked Phanos sternly.

      [2] The above sketch of Garnier is drawn from various sources. Observations du P. Henri de St. Joseph, Carme, sur son Frre le P. Charles Garnier, MS.Abrg de la Vie du R. Pre Charles Garnier, MS. This unpublished sketch bears the signature of the Jesuit Ragueneau, with the date 1652. For the opportunity of consulting it I am indebted to Rev. Felix Martin, S. J.Lettres du P. Charles Garnier, MSS. These embrace his correspondence from the Huron country, and are exceedingly characteristic and striking. There is another letter in Carayon, Premire Mission.Garnier's family was wealthy, as well as noble. Its members seem to have been strongly attached to each other, and the young priest's father was greatly distressed at his departure for Canada.[210] And yet it had, by his account, made a distance of thirteen hundred and eighty miles from the mouth of the Mississippi upward in twenty-four days!

      [122] Lettre de La Salle, 22 Ao?t, 1682 (Margry, ii. 212).



      the early colonists, trs honntes gens, avant de la the Crown, widows, and discharged officers or their sons.



      To business! he said harshly. What do you think? Shall we deal with Megas, the dyer?